Sunday, September 26, 2010

Donating to the Idaho Food Bank

Yes, we are all trying to stock as much back to feed our own families as possible.  There are people in our community that wonder where they will get food to feed their family anything.  We can all donate something even if it is just one can of soup.  A good place to drop off your food donation is Fortress Storage Facility in Nampa.  They are located on Happy Valley Road so it's a convenient place to drop off.  They are holding their food drive until the end of November to help with the upcoming holidays.

Friday, September 24, 2010

What are you storing for barter?

We all need to store a broad range of items such as food, water, clothing, first aid supplies, etc.  We all know that we can't store everything we might need during a disaster.  For one thing we don't know exactly what we will need in any given situation so we must be prepared to barter for those things that we don't have.  What would be the best things to store for barter?  During past disasters and riots the first things to disappear off of the store shelves were cigarettes, liquor and disposable diapers of all things.  Maybe I am too old or have been studying for too long what to store for my family but those would not be the first three things on my mind. I think that food, water and toilet paper would be the first things I would want to run to the store for in an emergency.  Other items that would be great for barter is matches, bleach, sanitary napkins, garbage bags as well as any food item.  When you are making your preparations remember to add a few barter items.  Please post your ideas on this topic.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Food Storage and Children

We've all been told to store rice, beans and wheat.  Do you eat those items now in your daily diet?  Do your children?  If you must go directly from your twinkie and McDonald's diet to your survival diet you will have a couple of problems.  First, how much toilet paper do you have stored?  Yes, adding a lot of fiber to your diet all at once will cause a problem.  Second, you say that you aren't eating your rice, beans and wheat now because no one really likes those foods.  WELL?  What will happen if there is a major disaster and you have no choice?  Do you think you will eat those food then?  Do you think your children will eat those foods then?  The answer is NO they will honestly starve to death with food in the pantry.  NOW is the time to slowly add those foods to daily diets.  Make tacos and get them used to eating beans.  Make bread using 1/3 whole wheat to the recipe. Add rice to the diet so that your family will be familiar with eating it.  By adding these foods to your diet NOW you can get your family used to eating these foods, get their bodies used to eating extra fiber AND save money on your food bill!!!   Let me know how this goes for your family.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can make a thick biscuit dough, flour it well, press it out in a well oiled skillet and cook on top of the stove?  This is called "Hoe Cake".  It got it's name from pioneers heading west.  When they would stop for the night they would find a flat rock, put it in the fire and when it was hot would drag it to the edge of the fire and flatten their biscuit dough on it.  When it was half done they would use their hoe to flip it over to cook on the other side.  This is a wonderful, quick bread and is delicious with butter and jam.

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Anyone have any good food storage ideas?  I would be glad to post them.